Employment process

At first glance, a job search and the employment process  abroad may seem difficult, but it is not. It consists of three simple steps:

  1. Submission resume. You can fill out a resume directly from our site using the special form. You can also send a resume to our mail info@3steps.com.ua. It is desirable that resume is in English. The more information will be in resume about, the more chances you will find a job in Qatar. Specify in detail about education, previous places of work and experience, tell about yourself, describe your skills and abilities. Do not forget to provide contact details. Competently completed resume is half of success 😉
  2. Selection of jobs and interview with the employer. After we have received your resume, we carefully process it and try to find the most suitable job in Qatar. As soon as necessary job will be found, we will arrange interview with the employer. Most often this is  Skype-interview. In order for an interview with an employer from abroad via Skype to be successful, you need to remember a few important points:
      • need to speak confidently;
      • think over the answers to the most popular questions from the employer;
      • “refresh”your language reserve in English by reading the literature or watching a movie;
      • take care of your appearance;
      • put the phone on silent mode;
      • prepare all the documents you may need during the interview.
  3. Visa and departure. If the interview is successful, and the employer decides to hire you, for you, as a candidate for the position, will be sent a job offer indicating the position, salary, living conditions (included or not) and other conditions. After signing the proposal, the employer is engaged in a visa and the preparation of an employment contract, the purchase of tickets.

To obtain work abroad and a visa, you must have a passport. It is highly desirable to know English.
If you want to find a job in Qatar, our recruitment agency will be happy to help you. Specialists of our company will answer all your questions and hold the necessary consultations.